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Premium Social Media Management


369M Marketing Agency provides the best rates in the professional industry:

By getting the Premium Social Media Management package you get:

  1. 1 Post per Day
  2. Posted in 5 Platforms
  3. Lasting 30 Days
  4. Two AD Campaigns prepared for you (FB, IG, YT) 
  5. Creation of 2 video campaigns 
  6. Scheduled posts
  7. Full-time engagement
  8. Post scheduling

We can manage it with our Social Management Apps
or we can give you the posts with all the necessary details and you can post them on your own.

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A Social media manager isn’t just about posting content. We need to share valuable data with our audience in order to convert them into customers in the future.

Social media marketing will impact your business in:

1. Increasing Brand Recognition

2. Increasing website traffic

3. Sales

Nowadays, to grow your business and have a great online reputation you need to hire someone who understands social media, types of customers, and goals.

As a social media content expert we will:

1. Set up and personalize your Bussines page

2. Create a branded design just for you

3. Schedule posts

4. Hashtag research and usage for your niche

5. Increase engagement and followers

Your business should be present in all online media platforms :

•   Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / YouTube.

Our team is certified in Digital Marketing and Social Media Management.

Most importantly customer satisfaction is our priority so order now and trusts your online platforms to a professional team.


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